International Competition

Sailor by Juan Galiñanes, Spain
Άλιμα (alima) by Loukas Koubouris & Nikolas Papadimitriou, Hellas
Travelogue Tel Aviv by Samuel Patthey , Switzerland
Gold Fever by Raul de la Fuente, Spain
Hambre by Alejandro Montalvo, Mexico
Faucet by Dan Chávez Mexico
Cerulia by Sofía Carrillo Mexico
Stardust by Aldo Sotelo Lázaro, Mexico
Nahualli by  Ángel Iván Salcedo Gómez, Mexico
HE SAID «MOMMY» by Arsen Agadjanyan, Russian Federation
In a strangeland by Mikhail Chernykh , Russian Federation
Letters by Alexander Savarsky Russian Federation
The teacher by Maxim Elagin,  Russian Federation
Dark Night by Ivan Plechev , Russian Federation
Mother by Michail Komlev, Russian Federation
Good Day  by  Dasha Charusha
Hector Malot – The Last Day of the Year by Jacqueline Lentzou, Hellas
Cavy World Cup by Maria Philips , Netherlands
The Deep Ones by Chevalier Guillaume, France
Exile by Sylvia Borges, Germany
Jodilerks Dela Cruz, Employee of the Month by  Carlo Francisco Manatad, Philippines
Feedbeck by Margot Gallimard, France
Almost Everything by  Lisa Gertsch, Switzerland
Deer Boy by Katarzyna Gondek , Poland
The Winkles by Alice Vial, France
Caronte by  Luis Tinoco Pineda,  Spain
Midnight Confession by Maxwell McCabe-Lokos, Canada
Sink Hole by Alex Serafini- Madeline Kelly, Australia
Running Eagle by  Konrad Thọ Fiedler, United States
Story of My Triumph by Sasha Soldatov,  Ukraine
A Gentle Night by QIU Yang, China
Nightshade by Shady El-Hamus, Netherlands
Tell Me by Charlie Manton, United Kingdom
Off the record by David Carette , Belgium
With Thelma by Ann Sirot & Raphaël Balboni, Belgium
Skin by Nancy Camaldo, Germany
Arriving  by K. & J  PRADA, Spain
Silent Campine  by Steffen Geypens, Belgium
Facing Mecca by Jan-Eric Mack, Switzerland
Gaze by  Farnoosh Samadi, Italy
Maneki  Neko  19:00, Manolis Mavris, Hellas
Sunday Morning by Martin Turk, Slovenia
A separation (again) by Michaël Bier, Belgium
May Day by Fedrik De Beul, Belgium
Vihta by François Bierry, Belgium
Kapunka by Tal Greenberg, Israel
Kampung Tapir by Aw See Wee, Malaysia
Pulp Revelation by Carmelo Zucco, Drama Sci-Fi, Canada
The Cornfield by Michaël Guerraz, France
ICARE  by Nicolas BOUCART,  Belgium
Broken Bunny by Meredith Hama-Brown, Canada
The Box by Dusan Kastelic, Slovenia
Airport by Michaela Müller Switzerland
Everything Is Upstream by Martin Ponferrada, Australia
From the Snow-Covered Hill by Matty Jorissen & Wijnand Driessen
Finity Calling by  Jasper Kuiper, Netherlands
Cosmos by Daria Kopiec, Poland
Coyote by Lorenz Wunderle, Switzerland
The Ditch by Atxur Animazio Taldea
Story of My Triumph by  Oleksandr Soldatov,  Ukraine
Twilight by Reza Golchin, Iran
Love and Revolution by Gabriel Tempea, Austria
Roosenberg by Ingel Vaikla  Belgium & Estonia
THE NEW CITY – THE OTHER SIDE OF DRESDEN by Javier Sobremazas, Germany
The Bony Lady by Thiago Zanato, Adriana Barbosa, United States
Wall calls by Katharina Bintz, Germany
Find Fix Finish by Sylvain und Mila Cruizat und Zhluktenko, Germany


Black Box by  Anthi Tsirouki
Hearts for Dinner by Renee Koutoula, fiction
The Stages by Katerina Tsakiri & Angelos Papadopoulos
New era by Peggy Zouti, Documentary
Goldfish by Yorgos Angelopoulos
Tracks by  Elina Fessa
Cruiser by  Aristotelis Maragkos
Kalinixta by Thanos Kermitsis
Τhe way things go by  Sofia Anastassiou
Banana by Dimitris Tsountaros
Ourania by  Despoina Kourti
Astrometal by Efthimis Kosemund Sanidis